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About us

Caspian International Star Food Industries,  the owner of Doomas Brand, started its activities in order to produce  various types of dairy products and drinks  aiming to rise the domestic per capita consumption and also with the vision of export to neighboring and European countries. 

The chief staff of this company have an executive experience of 30 years in food industries and are gathered together with a systematic approach utilizing up-to-date European technology with a faithful attachment to their mission for production and distribution quality healthy and tasty diary products in order to contribute to sustainable development of the country and entrepreneurship for assisting the country’s economy.

Our company has been able to establish the first multi-level fully automated dairy factory in Tehran province that is equipped with the most updated machinery and systems of Europe and  has employed 500 employees in order to increase productivity and offers a new level of quality products to Iranians and neighboring countries. 

The range of products of Caspian  International Star Food Industries under the Brand of Doomas covers a full basket of products including over 150 dairy products, with  various types of milk, dough, cream, curd, breakfast and pizza cheese.